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Welcome to Coolscript

These are just a few scripts which you may use for your IT-System purposes. This site is almost new and more scripts will follow soon.

Logrotation and file archive management script: Logd
Eventlog to Firewall script for Windows 2008: Eventlog to Firewall
Syslog to Firewall script for Linux: Syslog_to_Firewall
Scheduled Task for Windows: Scheduled Task for Windows
Spamassassin Plugin for Geo purposes: GeoMailSearch
Raspberry Projects RaspberryProjects
PSAD to Iptables: psad2ipt
Icinga2 Web Interface for Smartphones i2Mobile
Backup Hyper-V Disk Backup Virtual-Hard-Disk
Fail to NFT Fail2nft
Easy DynDNS with Cloudflare Cfddns
OpenVPN automation: OpenVPN_Rapid_Installer

My other sites which might be useful

All about IP 4/6 and locations to lat/lon:
The Coolgeo XML API Wiki:
The Coolgeo Json API Wiki:
The Coolgeo Mobile view:
Another password creator
Analyze your mail header:
LinuxVirtualServer manager:

Questions, feedback or recommendations are welcome, drop me a mail to postmaster at